Buying gifts is a cop-out.  Go to the store, look at prices, try to guess what they like and get a ‘thing.’

I think the best gift you can give someone is time.  I’d buy more of it they sold it at a store.  Time.

I’m giving my kids that gift now.  It started when my oldest was 7 months old.

At 7 months babies start to become recognizable as ‘human’ and since they look like you, but are so tiny and condensed, everything they do is hilarious.  So I’d write it all down.  On post-it notes.  And shoved them into a book.  Later I’d sit down and put them into a Word fild on the computer called, “Ty Diary.”

I even went back and from the little memory I have, I put in the birth story.  Not the gory details just stuff he’d want to know later when he’s my age.  (Cause by then I’m pretty sure I’ll be long gone and what a cool thing for him to have)

When my next two kids came along I started diary’s for them…only their’s doesn’t contain the weird details of “on March 3, you rolled over,” cause after Kid #1, Moms are over it.

Feel bad you didn’t start?  Well….it’s never too late.  Even if your kid is 14.  (Those years are really fun).  Sit down, get some postits and think back with you hubby or some relatives about the funny things your kid did.  Or just some memories.  They don’t even have to be in order.  Just start writing or typing.

Saying, “I have to write 14 years…!” would cause even me so much terror, I’d never to write again.  Ever.  It’s too much.  Too stressy (is that a word?)

Here, let me help:  Pick one memory.  Write it.  Pick another.  Write it.  See?   Say you’ll do it every day during lunch hour for twenty minutes.  Or after lunch.  Or in the morning.  Just do it.

Years from now, (ha…you’ll be dead) and if you’ve told someone (like your kid, hubby, family member or write it in the will) where this file exists, they will find it and have years and years of memories that are from YOU.

Best gift ever.