Baseball and Boring are synonymous.

Here in my city when you have a kid in baseball, you have to parent volunteer in the snack stand. That means, two 2.5 hour shifts. A total of 5 hours per kid registered for baseball.

That wouldn’t be a big deal (parents volunteering) to help keep costs down, but costs aren’t down.  Last time I checked, paying to put my kid in baseball was same cost as sports that don’t have snack stand duty!

The baseball league has 5 stands/fields in our city and let me tell you…when I am forced to work….as I was twice this season, it’s free food for the family.  Well….free crappy food…which means nothing….cause no one eats anything anyway…but if we wanted to I’d have let them!

So I get my jollies in other ways.  When kids come up, asking for nachos… or beans…or cup a soup….or anything involving opening a can, heating, or making a bigger mess with pots and pans…I say sweetly, “No, so sorry we are out tonight.”

Why? Cause I have to clean up too – and that’s outside the 5 hours total we have to work!! So when I work, it’s packaged snack stand food and drink only.

Don’t be all mad at me till you hear the next tidbit: Those five snack stands make over $350,000 for the year!! I’m not sure where that $$ goes but it’s not saving me any on baseball fees or paying to have a high school student work in my place for minimum wage!


So I do what I can to survive.


Thankfully, no one from my area reads these.  (if they did, they’d agree!)