Driving from AZ to CA, The Border Patrol is set up stopping cars for miles.  As I pass…they stop me in my fashionable minivan. 

As I roll down my window he says, “Plastic Dishes?” 

I said, “What?” 

He stands up, annoyed and repeats, “Plastic dishes?” 

I’m so confused as uncontrollable giggles start, and I compose myself and try to repeat back to him, “Plastic dishes?  What do you mean?”  

He looks down at me as if I were an ant and he should squish me shouting, "PLANTS or CITRUS!” 

I hesitated on making a comment as to why his mom didn't teach him to speak clearly, but didn't want to be sitting in immigration for hours and said, “ah…..no…” 

Not sure if I made his day or not, but he sure made mine interesting.



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