I don’t like to travel by car.  It’s boring.  Hence the reason I almost dropped my coffee when I heard you can get to the Grand Canyon by train!

The Grand Canyon Railway is a train that takes you from Williams, Arizona straight to the Grand Canyon.  You can travel first class, upper snobby class or basic coach.  They even have seating in this thing I call “The Bubble” where NOTHING obstructs your view as the train rolls along.

Once the train drops you off at the Grand Canyon, you can sit, watch, eat, look at shops, run on the grass, take a mule to the bottom, or even try to hike yourself.

We did none of that.  We ate at this bar/restaurant El Tovar Hotel which as it says right there, was also a hotel.  The food was delicious and the views were okay (haha).  It rained the day we were there and I was glad it did!  Watching the clouds roll in, the rain come down and then all of it disappear leaving a crystal clear sky was an education for my kids that no text book could give!  Getting rained on at home is annoying – getting rained on while on vacation is hilarious!

During the ride up, The Grand Canyon Railway has entertainment.  On they way back, the train gets held up by cowboys not unlike the three stooges, so don’t worry about your kids being scared…instead it’s actually funny.

The Grand Canyon Railway also has a hotel if you wish to spend the night and enjoy everything cozy Williams, Arizona has to offer.  As you enter or leave town, make sure you save time to stop by and see Bearizona, a drive through wild Animal Park, located two miles from the train.


For summer travel:   Be sure to see the town’s nighttime cowboy shoot-out where you just may see the city mayor as one of the cowboy performers!

For Christmas travel:  The Grand Canyon Railway even dresses up for the holidays as The Polar Express! Call or check out their website for more information: http://www.thetrain.com/

The Grand Canyon Railway
235 N. Grand Canyon Boulevard
Williams, AZ 86046