Best Backyard Play Trampoline or Play Structure


Best Backyard Play Trampoline or Play Structure…

You got an outside space to fill for kids?  What do you get?  Trampoline? Play Structure? Some other contraption I don’t know about yet?  I went back and forth with the husband.  Even asked the kids.  They were no help.  I asked other families who had them and those with play structures said, “My kids stopped playing on it within a week.” or “Now they only play on it when friends come over.”  People with trampolines said, “My kids are on it constantly.”  “They fight to get time on it, it’ s a good bargaining tool!”

I didn’t want injuries (my oldest broke his leg on a trampoline when he was four).  And the mere thought of some kids getting hurt and me getting sued gave me nightmares, so we settled on a play structure.

3 weeks and $1,299 later ($999 for the structure at Costco, $300 for some guy to put it together) (do not do it yourself or divorce will look pleasant), it had been up for mere days when my kids didn’t even think about playing on it.  Two years later I can count the number of times they play on it citing, “Spiders live here!”  “The swing is wet!”  “Is that cat poo?”

So, we invested in a trampoline on the other side of the yard.  Big difference. My kids are on it night and day. They jump in their jammies, school clothes and today I caught the boys on there naked.  They love the trampoline, making games up and trying to do massive flip rotations in one try.

Yesterday a boy, who has a trampoline at his house, and was on ours for 3 minutes before he did his first flip and charged his knee into his lip.  The boys came in laughing but the boy was holding his mouth as blood covered his fingers.  I raced to help him as my mind thought, “This is it!  We are losing our house!  Please be okay!”

He was.  Bleeding was minimal and after ice and a few jokes, he was laughing and ready to play again.

Whew.  So Tramp or Play Structure?  Kids can get hurt on both.  But there are playgrounds all over kids play on that will always be better than yours.  Trampolines are hard to find unless you have a friend that has one.

Here’s my vote:  4 and under: Play Structure.  5 and up: Trampoline.
Got big bucks?  Why are you reading this?  Get both!  Have a party!  Invite me.

Wanna see a CAT trapped on our trampoline!