best smile ever

My husband has diverticulitis.  A nasty disease where you intestines get pockets and certain foods going down the tubes, get stuck…and then infected…and then you curl in a ball till you get antibiotics to get that thing that got stuck, unstuck.

So he went to the doctor to find out wtf?  And she told him he didn’t have what everyone else had, a little chunk their the colon infected (that can be surgically removed) he had the one where his entire intestine had these crappy pockets.


Mamma had it?

Yep.  Now so does he.  Cure?  None.  What to eat, or what not to eat?  No one knows for sure.  It’s trail and error.

best smile everBut one thing that helps?  Smiling!  She says smiling helps your gut.  That just faking it…putting a smile on your face automatically makes you feel better.  And magically, you do!  Just because you smiled.

Sadly he was also given from his genes not a natural smile, but a natural frown, so he has to work even harder to smile.

The day he came home with this news from the doctor, it was a great day.  I’d never seen him smile so much in a single day.  But it trails off.  So I remind him.  Which I’m sure is annoying and upsetting.  Cause smiling is I smile and stare over at him hoping he’ll catch on or mimic me…to which he wonders if he has food on his face or if something is mentally wrong with me.

best smile everSo this weekend, go see standup comedy!  Get out!  Laugh!  Live!  Have a giggle and giggle more!  Specially since you know how it’s proven to increase your happiness!

Maybe that’s why I because a comedian?
Cause smiling is indeed the best medicine!