ty dillman at the wet & wild water park

Looking for something fun to do this summer?

Water Parks are the bomb.  Period.  From the fist time I ever set foot inside a place where I can run around in a bathing suit doing thrill rides to this moment now, I’m hooked.  Invite me to a day at a water park and you are my hero!  I will blow off even a meeting with the President (well…maybe not the guy in Washington) for serious fun at a Water park instead.

Raging Waters Waterpark in San Dimas California is by far one of the best waterparks in CA.  Unlike other parks where you can stand in one spot and see all the attractions (and their lines!) Raging Waters is so big, so hilly and so filled with lush green trees and nature that just when you think you’ve “done” the whole park, you realize “Whoa!  There’s a whole other section of slides we missed!!”

Least that’s what happened to us.   The slides and fun just kept appearing around the next corner!

It was also very apparent that if you even think you’ll be going to Raging Waters more than once, it’s wise to get a season pass!  Then you are being a smart consumer.  Oh, wait…a ENGAGED IN LIFE happy consumer!

ty dillman at the wet & wild water park