3 Daily Must Do How Live Long Life


Want to live a long life?  Do these three things Daily!

live your best lifeHere is the skinny.  I met a quiet humble doctor at the airport who made a comment about the beans he was eating.  I asked further and he said the following:

I just read a completed University study (he never said where but as a doctor he reads everything published for other doctors (not on the internet) that concluded we need three things to live a healthy long life:

  1. Eat Beans every day.
  2. Walk 12 miles every day.
  3. Work at a job where you don’t sit down.

I have the last two covered, but I don’t eat beans because I don’t like their texture in my mouth.  Weird?  Freaky?  Fetishy? I don’t know…but it’s interesting to think about.

Then again…I love my life, but I know I’m falling apart the older I get…so that means I don’t want to live THAT long.  So leaving beans out for me will be the balance.

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