Coaching Now…

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Life is hard…

But really…you don’t know it till you get to 30…maybe 40…then 50.

By then a whole bunch of people you know are getting sick…injured or have died. Some children you know have died too.

You start to question life and WTF?  How is this fair…?  What’s wrong with this world?  Why are we here?

How in the heck do you keep going with all the bull shit floating/spinning around you.  Causing you stress, turmoil, anxiety, anger and everything else that comes from not being focused on life, your family, the people you love and the goals you once dreamed of as a kid.

How did you get here? And how do you get where you want to go?
Money is tight…  Relationships may suck…
But the ball is in your court my friend.  Simply because you are reading this now.

There is hope…there is light at the of the tunnel.

I call it the Dorothy syndrome.  Like from The Wizard of Oz.  Like her, we all have the power to get what we want…to get from here to where we want to go…we just need to access this power.

I can help.
I can be your Oz.
I’m a coach.
Ready to work with you to help you get you what you want.

Life is not a remote.  You have to get up and CHANGE it.
What are you waiting for….?
laurie mcdermott