Laurie McDermott & Denis McNeil

Laurie McDermott & Denis McNeil


I was asked by Dennis McNeil to co-host the annual El Segundo Christmas Parade.  And somehow, it made the PAPER!  Thanks for everyone who not only caught the photo, they sent me a printed copy and digital!  What would I do without you?

As far as the photo goes….someone gave me a hat to cover the hair that was blowing in my face when I spoke.  An attractive look to be eating hair as I spoke.

The parade was pure hometown fun….and for California ‘standards’ it was FREEZING….(is 53 low?) I’ve seemed to have lost my Chicago skin.

So thank you to the photo senders! Thank you to the hat lender!  And thank you to God….for the Parade and well….the clear weather (ha) it was cold but at least it wasn’t raining!