Job Interview – 8 tips To Get The Job!

Looking for a job is not an easy task. Specially if you have been let go or even fired from your last position.

No matter what the reason, when you are out of work, life can feel hopeless and stressful.   FYI: Don’t ever quit any job unless you are independently wealthy, have another job lined up or like the idea of home foreclosure!  If you want out…look and find before you jump.

Getting out there and interviewing again is a tough thing, specially if you’ve been with one company for a long time and haven’t interviewed in ages!  What to do – everything from smiling to a handshake are all outlined in my video below!

And even though you are the most qualified for the job, rebuilding your confidence and following simple steps during every job interview is all you really need to nail the job!

Two jobs I love…Photography and Writing…do not require interviews as much as it takes just running your own business. So if you want a job with no boss and more freedom…check out the below…as well as the video on the bottom!!

If you are interested in Photography?  Click here.
If you are intested in Writing?  Click here!

Online jobs? click here too!!

Then once you get that interview…PREPARE well!!   For starters, WATCH this video!  Offering many tips on what to do during the interview to lead you to success!!