How to be #1in sports

It’s my husband’s biggest challenge.

Not mine.  I didn’t play sports and when I play anything now – it’s just for fun.  I never wanted to get good at anything because, well, I just don’t care.

And that’s where the challenge is.  I just don’t care about playing sports.  Never did.  I cared about school.  Learning.  Learning anything and everything.  Not from books, but from people.  Every single person knows something you do not.

Some kids don’t care about sports.  Some kids don’t care about school.  (I’ve got one of those.)  All we can do as parents is to help our kids find what they like or are good at.

That kid that says, “I don’t like anything…” hasn’t seen enough.  Or they are just trying to make you squirm.

The video below is what being good at anything takes.  And it makes perfect sense.  If you want to be good at something, you have to work at it.  So pick something you actually LIKE, cause then you will WANT to work at it.