Cheapest Place For Haircut & Style – Paul Mitchell School


Bet you didn’t know there is a place in Los Angeles that is the Cheapest Place For Haircut & Style? The Paul Mitchell School in the Valley!

Yes!  Students are learning how to do hair and you are there testers!!  While their teacher is on-site watching all haircuts and action…supervising everything!

Bottom line? You are being taken care of!  Who doesn’t love that??  I do.  That’s also why I created this! Click here to see!!)

I visited the LA location in the valley and was very impressed!  They took great care of some of my friends and I and I haircuts looked fabulous!

Great cut and color and style. For great prices!!

Also, did you KNOW Marriott Residence Inn only uses Paul Mitchell haircare products in their hotels?  Pretty cool! See that video here!  Or scroll down to the very end of this article!

Here is a video on the school and haircuts below: