SoleSkate a Great Gift For Kids & Teens

My littlest guy, Roc Dillman, did his first video today. He loves anything that moves.  Guess that's a guy thing?  Since we are in California and it's February, he can ride his Soleskate without...
kid left alone in restaurant

What Happens When You Leave A Toddler Alone

I noticed.  It was odd.  This kid was sitting by himself at a booth.  In a high chair.  Where were his parents?  No one was around.  I took a photo! Maybe this was a gift??...

Best Kid School Lunch Snack

Working at the airport has it's benefits!!  Daily I find something cool and unique that I'd never have seen or learned about with a regular job. Today a dad came in with a bag of...

Best Travel Cleaning Product

I was at work at LAX and a lady had a spill on her shirt.  Instantly she pulls out this little thing. By now you know me.  I instantly butted in and asked, "What is...

Terranea in December!

The Terranea is one of my favorite places to go...even for a night with the girlfriend or my hubby.  It's like another so so close to where we live and yet we forget to...
cute dress to buy

The Cutest Blue Dress Ever….

The cutest dress ever... Fashion runs rampant where I work at LAX.  Specially for those short flights from LAX to Vegas.  This dress is from  Did not know this site even existed.  Very...

The Hook & Plow Hermosa Beach Healthy Fresh Food Restaurant

"Let's go to the Hook & Plow..." I hesitated.  Maybe we weren't going to dinner but to a....well...what was a hook and a plow? Perhaps it was my facial expression that had my friend quickly say,...
what is important

Why Traveling With Family is More Important Than Sports

This is an argument that comes up often in my home. "NO!  We can't go...we have a game!" "But it's Christmas!" "They scheduled the tournament over the holiday!" Why??? I'm pretty sure this all started from a divorced father...

Scariest Lift Ever!

Scary. Less scary after talking to a guy who works on the lift. ...but still scary. Watch below.... [youtube]
Great bear lodge northstar

Best Place To Stay In Northstar, North Lake Tahoe

Northstar? I was told, “Stay in The Village!” But where? When you google, “Where to stay in Northstar,” the site  pops up and on that site you have to choose from the following: Big Horn Lodge, Catamount Lodge, Village Walk...

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