Sunday, December 9, 2018


I cook steak. "I want noodles..." I cook chicken. "I want noodles..." I make salad. "I want noodles..." That's all my seven year old kid will eat for dinner.  Noodles, butter and parm cheese. ...

“Daddy’s Halloween Mess”

Dear Children, On Halloween, when you ask your future spouse to dress a five year old in a specific outfit, remind them to not get creative and do anything 'outside' what you have asked.  Cause...

The Techno Queen

Yesterday it was suggested I get a new phone instead of the huge old one I carry. I say, "I'm waiting for the new one." People are happy with that answer, because on any given day,...

The US Border & Dishware

Driving from AZ to CA, The Border Patrol is set up stopping cars for miles.  As I pass...they stop me in my fashionable minivan.  As I roll down my window he says, “Plastic Dishes?” ...

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