Thursday, December 13, 2018
kid peeing outside

Why I Wish I Was a Man…

Oh no!  I'm not saying I want to be a man.   Heavens!   I'm beyond glad God made me female!! But there is ONE thing I'm soooo jealous about men.... Peeing. They can do it anywhere.  Anytime....
Boy looking up Girl dress

Boys Will Be Men | Kid Looking up a Girl’s Skirt

Men don't like shopping.  Little boys hate it. Unless they get creative using what the really like and their Iphone. This is Roc...he is 6.  Don't Judge me.  
robert palmer hot hot girls

Robert Palmer “Simply Irresistible” Redo With Girls Today

I was at work when Robert Palmer's - Simply Irresistible  blasted on the screens. I used to LOVE this video.  Not really the song, but the girls in the background. They were so interesting to watch that I'm...
Haynes Brooke is the Jimmy Dean Sun

Jimmy Dean Sausage Guy

    I met the sun. Haynes Brooke is a nice guy.  Lucky too. This is a great gig for any actor! Connect with him at Oh...and I think you should know....I do like sausage.  

If I Enforced These Rules on My Kids, I’d Be……tired

They are called "Mom's Rules" for a reason. I believe in every single one of these rules....but ....well....I'm too much of a (another word for a cat) to enforce them fully. So I look at this...
manboobs man boobs

Boy With Sand Boobs

Even at 7, little boys think boobs are funny. This one is my kid. He looks more shocked than you probably are.  
Girls go to lunch

Lunch with Girlfriends

I love having lunch with my girlfriends.  Sometimes more than dinner cause at 11am I'm hungry and awake.  And dinner usually involves feeding 4 other people before I can even leave the house. Someone sent...
cheater husband

What Type of People Don’t Cheat On Spouses

David, a married husband of 2, is an expert on cheating.  He left his first wife after he had an affair and now his new current wife is having an affair on him.  David...
kid in a cast

Hilarious Funny Video of Kid in Cast

The best moments in life (when caught on film) are HILARIOUS!!! [youtube]
technology with old people

When Did I Get So Stupid With Technology?

What do you do when your kid sets your front iPhone picture from a nice family shot to a oreo cookie? I don't know how to change it back! Or like when he set my ring tone...

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