Monday, May 22, 2017
flavor flav hits Rock & Brews terminal 1 at Southwest

Icon Flavor Flav Visits Rock & Brews

Flavor Flav, Musician, Artist and Comedian Stops By Rock & Brews at SouthWest Terminal 1.  He was easy to spot!  The girls came running and wanted a photo.  Then, as usual, guests wonder, "Who...
kid left alone in restaurant

What Happens When You Leave A Toddler Alone

I noticed.  It was odd.  This kid was sitting by himself at a booth.  In a high chair.  Where were his parents?  No one was around.  I took a photo! Maybe this was a gift??...
best waitress tip from a paying guest

Life From LAX – People Are Weird

"People are weird..." That's a comment I find myself saying all the time when someone I'm with does something I don't understand or agree with. When I say that sentence, it's done.  No more thinking...
true tales of an airport bar at LAX

Dog At Bars

I work in a bar.  At the Airport. LAX. Southwest terminal.  And you know how those people feel about dogs right? They love dogs.  People from all walks of life are allowed to bring their...
donald trump

Why I Voted For Donald Trump

It was a lonely path. Answering the question, "Who are you voting for...?" with an, "Ah...I don't know...tough path..." just to avoid having to defend my reasons why I'd vote for the guy everyone thought...
disneyland mistake charge

Disneyland Goofy

Disney is perfect.  Or so we are made to believe! Check out this receipt a man got after he bought a frozen banana at a stand at Disneyland. He didn't notice till after he walked away and...
robert palmer hot hot girls

Robert Palmer “Simply Irresistible” Redo With Girls Today

I was at work when Robert Palmer's - Simply Irresistible  blasted on the screens. I used to LOVE this video.  Not really the song, but the girls in the background. They were so interesting to watch that I'm...
technology with old people

When Did I Get So Stupid With Technology?

What do you do when your kid sets your front iPhone picture from a nice family shot to a oreo cookie? I don't know how to change it back! Or like when he set my ring tone...
kids eat an apple

You Can Have An Apple..?

It's 5:04 pm and three people under the age of 15 are circling the kitchen island moaning the only way kids can: "Ugh!  When's dinner...???" "Why are we having that?" "Just a bowl of cereal?  It won't...
i hate camping

9 Reasons Why I Do Not Like To Camp

Here are the 9 reasons I do not like to camp. 1)  I spend a small fortune to live like a homeless person. 2) Every little tiny thing you need, you must pack, bring there, unpack, repack,...

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