Thursday, May 25, 2017
how to be kind to yourself

Self Talk Matters So Be Kind To Yourself

Self talk matters, so be kind to yourself. What you say to yourself does matter!  If we say, "I suck....I suck at Math..." Guess what? You WILL suck.  Because when you say it or think it, you...
negative feelings

How To Keep Out Negative Energy

How to keep out the negative energy?  Don't let it in!! When the negative feelings can almost feel it. If you are paying attention.  (Are you paying attention?) Maybe it's a warm feeling in your neck?...

Want Revenge? Try Karma

Want revenge?  Try Karma.  Don't be a jerk or a dick or a bitch.  Do absolutely nothing.  Karma will take care of it. A few weeks ago I was at work when one of the...

Do We Buy A Dog For Family?

Do we buy a dog...?  Yes?  No?  Is it right for me and my family? When answering the question, "Do we make a baby or have one of these..." Ask the bigger question: "If I...

Robbery At LAX

Stolen!  Robbery at LAX! When you are going to steal something....don't do it at an airport and go next door to the place where you stole it from and then please don't leave it on...
flying fear

How To Stop Pain? Hold Hands With Someone

How To Stop The Pain?  Any pain?  Studies show holding hands with someone while you experience pain, makes pain less.  Did you know there have been brain wave experience tests with married couples that prove...
the evil of cancer

Beat Cancer by Attitude

Beat cancer by attitude!  Cancer is not the end.  Kill it with your mind.  Don't give in. Yesterday I sat with a woman who was diagnosed with breast cancer.  She is older.  Almost 70.  But...
you are right

Why We Are Always Right About Everything We Believe

We are always right.  Period.   As humans, we are always right.  You.  Me.  That guy sitting across from you.  That annoying lady to your left.  You are right.  They are right.  We (individually)...
best smile ever

Smiling Heals! It’s been proven!

My husband has diverticulitis.  A nasty disease where you intestines get pockets and certain foods going down the tubes, get stuck...and then infected...and then you curl in a ball till you get antibiotics to...
how to photo bomb

How To Photo Bomb a Photo

I only do this at the airport.  (Well...I only admit to doing it at the airport!) Photo bombing is hilarious when people don't know you. Why? Chances are they don't even notice you until a few days...

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