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Life is complicated.  Below is the best advice I can give on some big and small topics.  Nothing is perfect in this world and we are all a living example of what to do and not to do. Be constantly curious.  Be open.  Be flexible and try as much as you can!

you are right

Why Humans Have To Be Right

Why Do Humans Have To Be Right?  We are always right.  Period.   As humans, we are always right.  You.  Me.  That guy sitting across from you.  That annoying lady to your left.  You...
best smile ever

How To Feel Good With Diverticulitis? Smile! Smiling Heals!

How to feel good with Diverticulitis?  "Smile!  Smiling Heals!  It has been proven!" The gastro doctor said our stomachs are connected to our smile and well-being! Even if we feel like crap, if we smile,...
how to photo bomb

How To Photo Bomb a Photo

How to photo bomb a photo? brave...and jump in!  I only do this at the airport.  (Well...I only admit to doing it at the airport!) Photo bombing is hilarious when people don't know you....
How to choose who to pay bill

Best Fun Way To Figure Out Who Will Pay For Dinner

Best Fun Way To Figure Out Who Will Pay For Dinner. You finish eating and you both pull out your credit cards. How to figure out who will pay? I saw four guys have dinner and then...
kid left alone in restaurant

What Happens When You Leave A Toddler Alone

What Happens When You Leave A Toddler Alone....? I noticed.  It was odd.  This kid was sitting by himself at a booth.  In a high chair.  Where were his parents?  No one was around.  I...
laurie mcdermott

Parents…Say Core Mantras To Your Kids Over and Over and Over

Parents...Say Core Mantras To Your Kids Over and Over and Over I'm a recorder.  I have certain things I say to my kids over and over.  Like.... "Love is plentiful, it isn't a glass of water...
life is short

How To Get Motivated to Live Your Best Life?

How to get motivated to live your best life? Imagine it'll be over tomorrow!!! Below, see what happens when death is at your door!   All that bullshit we all worry about, stress over and complain about are...
Girls hockey

Hockey for Girls

I'm one of those parents that doesn't like kids in sports because it ruins my travel plans. Team competitions always seem to happen on a holiday weekend when I'm ready to pack and get out...
be the change YOU want in the world

You Can Make a Difference

Each of us has the power to change anything: All it takes to make a change is ONE person. One person, trying, and then because of that, another person begins changing for the better. The only...
Laurie mcDermott choices

Successful Life is All About Choices

Right now you can make a choice that will take you in a totally different direction... Make a choice to go to lunch with someone, hear about a new job opportunity, and suddenly you are...

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