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Life is complicated.  Below is the best advice I can give on some big and small topics.  Nothing is perfect in this world and we are all a living example of what to do and not to do. Be constantly curious.  Be open.  Be flexible and try as much as you can!

sister wives review

Sister Wives is a Great Show

Have you seen "Sister Wives?" Great show. Great title. Great fantasy.  How easy would my life be if I had two extra wives around  here?!?!  Having a couple nights off in the bedroom wouldn’t be so bad either.   Then,...
how to be happy

How To Be Happy? Just Smile.

How to be happy?  Just smile. Sounds too simple to be true?  Ha! Nope. If you want to be happy - make it your goal.  One day at a time. Make a CHOICE to be happy. Right now, put...
how to photo bomb

How To Photo Bomb a Photo

How to photo bomb a photo?  Watch...be brave...and jump in!  I only do this at the airport.  (Well...I only admit to doing it at the airport!) Photo bombing is hilarious when people don't know you....
how to listen

The Wife Who Wanted To Be 6 again….

A man was sitting on the edge of the bed, watching his wife, who was looking at herself in the mirror. Since her birthday was not far off he asked what she'd like to have...
How to choose who to pay bill

Best Fun Way To Figure Out Who Will Pay For Dinner

Best Fun Way To Figure Out Who Will Pay For Dinner. You finish eating and you both pull out your credit cards. How to figure out who will pay? I saw four guys have dinner and then...

Best Cure For The Common Cold

The best cure for a common cold? Shut up.  Sit down.  Watch a movie. Sick in bed? Same thing.  Cancel everything, curl up in bed, and watch movies all day. Sick is sick.  Period.  Done. So what if the...
Laurie mcDermott choices

Successful Life is All About Choices

Right now you can make a choice that will take you in a totally different direction... Make a choice to go to lunch with someone, hear about a new job opportunity, and suddenly you are...

How To Be Happy…

Good times...bad times...money plenty...money scarce. I've been though it all and when it's good, you save and when it's bad you still save. (I'm a miser) Since things have been bad...we've given up the fun nights out...
Toyota Gas Cap

Beware: Potential Scam on Toyota Engine Cap

Beware if you own a Toyota Sienna.  You could be a possible victim of a Scam on loose Engine Cap. I don't know cars. Do you? Do you know when something is wrong?  Can you...

Best Gift for Mother’s Day

I hate crappy Mother's Day gifts....one that was bought in panic at a store just cause there HAD to be a purchase made. The best gifts are those from the heart....hand made, of thought, of...

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