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Life is complicated.  Below is the best advice I can give on some big and small topics.  Nothing is perfect in this world and we are all a living example of what to do and not to do. Be constantly curious.  Be open.  Be flexible and try as much as you can!

Girlfriends Rock!

Girlfriends Are Glue

If you are a girl you know, Men come and go, but good girlfriends?  They are the glue in your life. They make you laugh when you are sad, they make you sure when you...
how to get into college

What Happened Days of Easy “Just” Picking College?

I went to an 8th Grade, pre high school meeting where we heard all about what classes our child must take to be able to graduate high school. Done. Nope.  That was one list.  Did you...
Life and Dancing

Get Up & Dance…

There is nothing more to add. Stand tall. Live. Dance.

Is It OK for Dad and Mom to Show Affection In Front of Kids?

"If you shy away from showing affection to your spouse when your kids are around, you might be doing them a disservice," says Margaret Heldring, president of the Society for Family Psychology. An affectionate...
be the change YOU want in the world

You Can Make a Difference

Each of us has the power to change anything: All it takes to make a change is ONE person. One person, trying, and then because of that, another person begins changing for the better. The only...

How to Keep A Marriage from Breaking

Saying "I do...for better or for worse" means zero when a spouse feels the marriage isn't giving them what they need.  Affairs and checking-out come when one partner, instead of looking for solutions, gives...

How to Ruin Your Backyard

Clear the furniture. Relocate the bunny. Add suds.  
adorable puppy in pet store

Which is Better a Baby or a Puppy?

Baby or puppy?  Tough choice! If "man" wants to get a dog but "wife" doesn't...? Make sure it's a cute dog.  Like really cute.  Then even if she hates it she can't. I should know.  See video...
Toyota Gas Cap

Beware: Potential Scam on Toyota Engine Cap

Beware if you own a Toyota Sienna.  You could be a possible victim of a Scam on loose Engine Cap. I don't know cars. Do you? Do you know when something is wrong?  Can you...
how to love yourself

How To Love Yourself

Do you love you?  How do you know? Looking at your daily commitments is one way to measure your self worth.  Are you good at making daily commitments?  More importantly, are you good at keeping them?  ...

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