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Life is complicated.  Below is the best advice I can give on some big and small topics.  Nothing is perfect in this world and we are all a living example of what to do and not to do. Be constantly curious.  Be open.  Be flexible and try as much as you can!

Family fun Hit Days

8 Secrets To Make Your Family FUN Today!!

I grew up in a fun family.  What did my parents do right?  And how can I bring that to my own family? Parents and kids are so busy: homework, activities and sports (let alone someone...
adorable puppy in pet store

10 Reasons Not to Get a Dog

Let me make this clear. Do Not Get a Dog if.... 1) You don't like death.  Depending on the size, dogs live 6-15 years.  At some point they will die and you'll be sad. 2) If you...

Face Painting Worth Noting

When I hear, "Face painting Mommy!"  I want to run, kiel over, pretend to have a heart attack. It's such a waste: the time waiting in line, the time your kid has to sit there,...

The Pumpkin Scare

Halloween isn't scary unless your kid wants to buy a pumpkin and a tiny baby one (the size of your hand) costs you $7.  My local grocery store is selling big pumpkins by the piece...

Beer On The Roof

Yes....it's always better to get a view from the top. And involve alcohol, a ladder and a pitched roof. Nice, boys.

How to Be A Good Friends

The other day I ran into a friend I hadn't seen in years at the gym. We worked out side by side as I asked her how her life is going. She went on for a...

“The Squishy Lesson”

He ran in freaking out, "MOM!!!  They broke it!! I found them playing with it and it doesn't work anymore!!  They ruined my splat ball!!!" My 12 year old, Ty, was so upset that his...

How to Ruin Your Backyard

Clear the furniture. Relocate the bunny. Add suds.  

8 Job Interviewing Tricks To Get The Job!

8 Job Interviewing Tricks to Get the Job! Looking for a job is not easy.  It's acutally a pain in the ass.  Specially if you have been let go or even fired from your last...
Roc Dillman Chalkified

Time Killer For Kids

Time Killer?  I use that word lightly here. I was waiting for my friend and sat in front of her house with her youngest and mine.  The two of them were running so out of...

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