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Life is complicated.  Below is the best advice I can give on some big and small topics.  Nothing is perfect in this world and we are all a living example of what to do and not to do. Be constantly curious.  Be open.  Be flexible and try as much as you can!

adorable puppy in pet store

10 Reasons Not to Get a Dog

Let me make this clear. Do Not Get a Dog if.... 1) You don't like death.  Depending on the size, dogs live 6-15 years.  At some point they will die and you'll be sad. 2) If you...
how to be honest

A Guilty Mind Is Always Suspicious

A Guilty Mind Is Always Suspicious. How does that hit you? Are you guilty of anything? Are you doing the right thing? I had a boyfriend in college who was constantly questioning or accusing where I was, who...

I Love Cheap Sixt Car Rental in Orlando

I was having severe chest pains just upon seeing the total cost of renting a car for 10 days for my family. When my husband's co-worker suggested "Sixt" I was scared.  (Not "oh my goodness...
Ace Hardware paint

Clark+Kensington at Ace Hardware Giveaway | Free Paint this Saturday!

I love free stuff.  Specially when it inspires me to make my home better! This Saturday (March 16th, 2013) CERTAIN Ace Hardware Stores are doing a free giveaway!  Yes.  Free. Giveaway!  Offering customers a FREE quart...
Simple love quote

How to Love…


Costco Cash Back AMEX

I'm a smart girl. Any credit card that pays you 'something back' is always a good thing.Airline miles are a pain in the ass with them getting cheaper and cheaper. My new favorite is Costco...
Be Who You Are

Parent Advice #154: Kids Need to Share Opinion

Parent Advice #154: Kids Need to Share Opinion If there is one thing I'm actively doing with my 3 kids is to teach them to open their mouths, talk about their feelings, express their opinions...
do unto others

Do Unto Others Is Karma

Do Unto Others As You'd Have Them Do Unto You is Karma. Um....what the heck does that mean?? Meaning if you do not like not do it to anyone else. Treat others who YOU want...
how to wear what you want

Life Lesson #104: Wear What You Want

Life has many lessons....this one is prudent.  Learn at a young age to wear what you want. You are the only person who has to look at yourself day in and day out. Feel like...

Face Painting Worth Noting

When I hear, "Face painting Mommy!"  I want to run, kiel over, pretend to have a heart attack. It's such a waste: the time waiting in line, the time your kid has to sit there,...

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