Monday, August 26, 2019
love after 50

Falling in Love After 50

My friend sent me this photo of her parents.  It's breathtaking how cute they are. It took awhile though.  She with a few trail husbands.  He with a wife that passed away and kids from...
how to survive midlife crisis

How To Survive A Husband’s Midlife Crisis in Men

Today I received a question from a woman who's going through what I went through (and am still going through) and I want to share it with you... Dear Laurie, I read your article on His...
How to commit to a marraige

What Does Commitment Mean?

Commitment?  That scary word where you have to say you're going to do something (either mentally or physically) and stick to it.  Lately I've been meeting several people that have been struggling with their commitment...
man has conversation with God

Awesome Conversation Between God and Man:

Man: God, can I ask You a question? God: Sure. Man: Promise You won't get mad. God: I promise. Man: Why did You let so much bad stuff happen to me today? God: What do you mean? Man: Well, I...
I regret my affair

Inspirational Poem of Regret

I love my readers. Thank you! I just received a link to a poem that made so much sense to me. Why do we have to go through something to understand? Just the way it is...huh? Take 4 minutes...
Put wife first

What Comes First…Kids or Spouse?

  The big debate out there:  In a marriage, who comes first, the kids or the spouse? While many therapists feel the spouses are the glue to keep a family together, others disagree. Here are the benefits of Mom and...

Pay Attention To Your Hubby

All men have fear. They just don't talk about it! "What fear?"  You ask?  There is a list:  Fear he won't ever become who he thought he would be professionally, fear about his body breaking...
keep marriage number 1

Why Putting Your Spouse First Will Make Your Marriage Gold

Many people think putting their spouse first means they can't do anything else, they lose independence, they are limited or controlled, or they have to have approval constantly.  Every marriage I know that is working...
The grass isn't always greener

How To Keep Your Own Grass Green

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