Tuesday, February 19, 2019
Best Midlife crisis advice

Best Advice to Deal With Mid Life Crisis Man

I've been though it.  It sucks.  It sucks worse than anything you can imagine.  It sucks worse than him dying.  It sucks worse than him dying a slow painful death, because he's still alive,...
date night

1 Easy Fix To Improve Your Marriage Right Now!

Date Night. Period. No friends. Just you two. Period. Same night, once a week for the rest of your life. I can hear the complaints through the internet!  Get real people!  You want a good marriage, you can't be slumping...
Gary Neuman Moments

Gary Newman Advice on Marriage Moments

Gary Neuman is a marriage expert that's appeared on TV tons of times. I've always thought of him as a good, kind, sweet guy....and really wonder what his wife is like too!? Today he sent out...
how to be successful

How To Be Successful? Faith, Hope, Love

How To Be Successful? Faith, Hope, Love.  They won't get you the job or career you want, but if you have all three of these things, and work hard, you will get there faster...
your life is your choice

The List that Saved My Marriage

I've been on a search to better my marriage.  Articles like the one below are both true and fascinating. There is nothing better than therapy and learning more about one's past and why we are...
Laurie McDermott Let it go

How To Let Him Go

Did anyone realize how important that catchy tune "Let It Go" (sung by the amazing voice of Idina Menzel) from the Disney movie "Frozen" would become? It was the new anthem song for anyone with a broken...

The Best Dinner Party To Host Before You Get Married (or After!)

Before their wedding, a bride and groom did something most couples never thought of. They had a party. Not for their friends, family or even neighbors. They had a party for the benefit of their future! Together they...

Why We Love

Always remember; We love somebody because of who we are, not because of who they are. Just Love.  Period.

How to Keep A Marriage from Breaking

Saying "I do...for better or for worse" means zero when a spouse feels the marriage isn't giving them what they need.  Affairs and checking-out come when one partner, instead of looking for solutions, gives...

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