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Laurie McDermott hosts a travel show - showing that the USA is an amazing place to travel. Get out there and see the world with your kids...before they grow up and forget to call on weekends. They will leave you someday. Maybe not as soon as you would like...but they do's only then you wished you'd shown them the world. Not the day-to-day choas world we call home but the world - like Egypt. Don't say it's too expensive. Save your pennies and go. Once or twice a year. GO.

Best face wash for airplanes

Oil of Olay Daily Facial Cloths Are Perfect for Carry-On Travel!

Oil of Olay Daily Facial Cloths are Perfect for Travel!  Because there is NO liquid!! Great for carry on traveling! I hate - HATE - airport security. Anything I can do ahead of time so...

Best To Do In Rome Italy…Travel To Pompeii!

The very best thing, a top "Must See" in Italy is Pompeii!!  (If you are a video person, skip down to the video below!) A whole town buried?  From ash?  People dying (frozen in dropping...

Best Pizza in Las Vegas Metro Pizza!

Where to find THE Best Pizza in Las Vegas Metro Pizza! After paying $68 for a 10 oz steak at Strip Steak at the Mandalay Bay I stop several Mandalay Bay employees begging them, "You...

Disney Wonder Cruise Review

[youtube] I never considered myself a ‘cruise person’ till I heard Disney Cruise Lines relocated the Disney Wonder Cruise Ship to the port of Long Beach, California.  Where a typical family vacation can only...

UnPlugging Dad on Disney Wonder Cruise Ship

[youtube] If you're husband is like a newborn baby, barely able to function without connecting to the "MotherShip" every three seconds, the Disney Wonder Cruise is a vacation you must take! (That 'ship' reference was...

Disney Wonder Cruise Dinner Dining

[youtube] “What kind of food is on a ship?”  The Disney Wonder has 3 restaurants; Animator’s Palate, Tritons and Parrot Cay.  Every night you are assigned to visit one of those restaurants with your...

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