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Laurie McDermott hosts a travel show - showing that the USA is an amazing place to travel. Get out there and see the world with your kids...before they grow up and forget to call on weekends. They will leave you someday. Maybe not as soon as you would like...but they do leave...it's only then you wished you'd shown them the world. Not the day-to-day choas world we call home but the world - like Egypt. Don't say it's too expensive. Save your pennies and go. Once or twice a year. GO.


29 Activities To Do at Tradewinds Island Resort In Tampa Florida

29 Activities to do at Tradewinds Island Resort in Florida. Taking a Florida vacation with your kids and family and don't want to do DisneyWorld? This year visit St Pete's Beach West of Tampa to discover a...

5 What To Do With Kids and Teens In Sedona Arizona

Driving into Sedona you will feel as if you have literally driven to Mars or someother outer space planet with huge jetting Red Rocks sporadically dropped or grown right in the middle of nowhere....

UnPlugging Dad on Disney Wonder Cruise Ship

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hNhFejhs4ms] If you're husband is like a newborn baby, barely able to function without connecting to the "MotherShip" every three seconds, the Disney Wonder Cruise is a vacation you must take! (That 'ship' reference was...

Best Pizza in Las Vegas Metro Pizza!

Where to find THE Best Pizza in Las Vegas Metro Pizza! After paying $68 for a 10 oz steak at Strip Steak at the Mandalay Bay I stop several Mandalay Bay employees begging them, "You...
Wings at Blue Moose Pizza

Blue Moose Pizza in Beaver Creek is Cheap and Delicious!

Blue Moose Pizza is one big YUM!!!  And it's cheap and delicious!  After the expense of a hotel, skiing and fine dining, it's nice to know that Beaver Creek has a restaurant that serves...
chihuly museum

11 “Must See” Things in Seattle With Kids

11 Things you must see and do in Seattle With Kids & Adults!: Do you want a great vacation with your kids?  Something different? Where you get to see new things together?  Pack up and...
Meg Dillman at Ski school in Beaver Creek

Best Kid Ski School is Beaver Creek, Colorado

The Best ski school I have ever seen for kids is in Beaver Creek, CO.  So, if you want your kids to learn to ski, take them to Beaver Creek, Colorado. From what I saw during...
airbnb best in Los Angeles, LA CA

Airbnb Manhattan Beach Best Place To Stay In Los Angeles

Airbnb Manhattan Beach Best Place To Stay In Los Angeles Want the Best Place To Stay In Los Angeles at the beach?? We love the beach!  And Traveling!!  Hence the reason we have opened our home to...
titanic in Las Vegas

Things to Do In Vegas: Titanic Exhibit

Looking for things to do in Las Vegas that are fun, unique and different?  Do not miss the Titanic Artifact Exhibition at the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas! When I saw the billboard for the...
Great bear lodge northstar

Best Resort/Hotel Northstar, North Lake Tahoe

The best resort or hotel in Northstar is in the village. Why? I was told, “Stay in The Village!” But where? When you google, “Where to stay in Northstar,” the site tahoemountainlodging.com  pops up and on that site you have...

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