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Laurie McDermott hosts a travel show - showing that the USA is an amazing place to travel. Get out there and see the world with your kids...before they grow up and forget to call on weekends. They will leave you someday. Maybe not as soon as you would like...but they do's only then you wished you'd shown them the world. Not the day-to-day choas world we call home but the world - like Egypt. Don't say it's too expensive. Save your pennies and go. Once or twice a year. GO.

Wet & wild palm springs

11 Reasons To Go To Wet & Wild Waterpark Palm Desert Today!

Wet & Wild WaterPark in Palm Desert is the place to visit when you head to the desert in the summer!!  I know...I can see you reading at these words thinking: Desert? Summer? She's Crazy? Palm Springs in the Summer...
best place to stay el segundo medical testing in los angeles

Taking The Clinical Skills Exam? Here Is Best Place To Stay

Taking The Clinical Skills Exam? Here Is Best Place To Stay!  My house!  As Airbnb hosts -we welcome future doctors with pride!!  We live 12 blocks from the beach -plenty of room to relax...

Best Restaurant in Monteray, CA – Alvarado Fish & Steak House

Best Restaurant in Monteray, CA - Alvarado Fish & Steak House! We were tired. Hungry. And just wanted to eat someplace fast. After our long drive from LA, someone at our Monterey hotel suggested a few local places...
airbnb best in Los Angeles, LA CA

Best Place To Stay In Los Angeles Manhattan Beach

Want the Best Place To Stay In Los Angeles Manhattan Beach??  I'm biased.  I love the beach.  I also love traveling.  Hence the reason we open our home to other travelers. We have a beautiful...
Great bear lodge northstar

Best Resort/Hotel Northstar, North Lake Tahoe

The best resort or hotel in Northstar is in the village. Why? I was told, “Stay in The Village!” But where? When you google, “Where to stay in Northstar,” the site  pops up and on that site you have...
Meg Dillman

Ski NorthStar Travel Kids Family North Lake Tahoe

NorthStar Ski resort is the secret hidden gem only the locals have known about for years! Now, word is getting out there...thanks to people like me who have kids and want to travel to places that no one...
best activity in north lake tahoe

Villager Candle Making Best Kid Activity North Lake Tahoe

Don't want to ski?  Don't like to ski?  Need an activity to do after skiing?  Don't miss making a memory - a CANDLE - after skiing or while others are skiing in North Lake...
where to stay in heavenly ski resort

Best Heavenly Ski Hotel Resort South Lake Tahoe, CA

Heavenly Ski Resorts and Hotels in South Lake Tahoe are all close to the mountain!  And let's be honest.... I'm picky. Since we're skiing all day, I must stay in a place where everyone has...
Laurie McDermott Skiing Lake Tahoe

Ski Heavenly With Kids South Lake Tahoe

Where do you take your kids to ski when they are first learning or after they have learned and want to get better at skiing??  Heavenly.  South Lake Tahoe! Who likes to ski??  Everyone! When...
Meg Dillman at Ski school in Beaver Creek

Best Kid Ski School is Beaver Creek, Colorado

The Best ski school I have ever seen for kids is in Beaver Creek, CO.  So, if you want your kids to learn to ski, take them to Beaver Creek, Colorado. From what I saw during...

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