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I hate shopping for gifts. Going to amazon I have to search and search and search! It's such a time waster. Here you will find all the good crap that I love. If it's not here - send it to me. If it's made it to here - I LOVE it.

you are a badass

You Are A Badass by Jennifer Sincero A Review

Feeling unmotivated? Need a life kick in the ass? "You Are A Badass!" By Jennifer Sincere is THE book to buy. I picked it up because I loved the title. Then I read the first chapter -...

SoleSkate a Great Gift For Kids & Teens

My littlest guy, Roc Dillman, did his first video today. He loves anything that moves.  Guess that's a guy thing?  Since we are in California and it's February, he can ride his Soleskate without...
best place to stay el segundo medical testing in los angeles

Clinical Skills Exam Best Close Hotel

If you are in Los Angeles to take the Clinical Skills Eval Exam, stay near their El Segundo location at a beautiful place. It's thru Airbnb.com. Here is the location: The Best Place
The Devil in the white city, a book about chicago

The Devil In The White City Review

If you are looking for a murder...a true story in a city that is still a bubbling place...this is your book. I grew up in Chicago.  My mom had this book in her room for...
the best iphone case

Unique Original iPhone Cover Old Fashioned tape

I saw it on the table at work.  Some man had it in front of him and I approached with such awe and amazement I could barely control myself! "Wow!!  I haven't seen one of...
Best Moonshine Stillhouse Whiskey

Best Moonshine: Stillhouse Whiskey Apple, Mint Chip, Coconut, Red Hot

Love this stuff! Stillhouse Whiskey is new and unique. Arriving to the store in a gasoline can, this fun loving booze is a great new hit.  It's cool!  It's hip!  And it's moonshine!  Have you tried...

Best Kid School Lunch Snack

Working at the airport has it's benefits!!  Daily I find something cool and unique that I'd never have seen or learned about with a regular job. Today a dad came in with a bag of...
best lip therapy

The Best Vaseline Therapy For Lips

I saw them at the airport.  This lady pulled out this teeny tiny jar.  Opened it,put her finger in and smeared some stuff on her lips.  I looked at the container.  (Yes, I'm so...

Best Travel Cleaning Product

I was at work at LAX and a lady had a spill on her shirt.  Instantly she pulls out this little thing. By now you know me.  I instantly butted in and asked, "What is...
life after death eric

My Life After Death by Eric Medhus and his Mom Elisa Review

I have been a avid researcher into this whole life after death thing.... "Really?" You ask... "Seriously?" You continue... Ok - I know...well...I think...we all go to heaven.  Well most of us do...even if we screw up...

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