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When I find something I love, I have to promote it!!  I am not a big shopper because I hate wasting time. I need to know what is the best when I need it.  If something is listed here...please know and trust that I've tried it and it's well worth your $.  Otherwise, it won't be here.  I'm picky and want to remain your trusted product rep.  If you love something and it's not here - send it to me!!  I'm always up for trying anything!

Comedy On The Road…Oregon

Whoever said, "Laughter is THE best medicine." should be knighted...or given some cash. Life is too short not to find the funny in anything...everything.... (okay..sometimes what makes a disaster funny is TIME) But when you laugh, I...
house calls

Doctor House Calls Under Insurance: Getheal.com

Yes.  Really. You can have a doctor visit you in your own home and your insurance will cover it like a doctors office visit. Crazy I know. How can this be happening? But yes. When I spoke to an...
best sheets

Best Bed Sheets For Sleep All Night

The Best Bed Sheets for the perfect All Night Sleep have been found. The Best Sheets Recommended by Travel Writer and Airbnb Host Laurie McDermott. I'm the queen of hospitality - I host several Airbnb locations and...
three men in a tub

How To Make A Calendar That Is Remembered

Each year I fantasize how I'm going to do a calendar for my family. Each year...I don't. Excuses come to me like: "Oh..it's only going to last this year...." "Where will I hang it?" "If I do it this year...they'll...
What to do at Beach in winter

What to do in Hermosa Beach in the Winter | Sand Surfing

No need for words here... Watch what you can do at the beach in the winter! [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tim6-h-YF-Q]
best baby shower gift ideas

12 Fun Unique Baby Shower Gifts that will Wow New Mom

Baby Shower Gifts are always a stumper!  You want something special.  Something personal.  So that mom will remember you and your gift forever. Right? Below I list in DETAIL, 12 possible solutions to your gift...
Elf Yourself is a great app

A Great App That’s Good Fun To Play: How To Elf Yourself

The only reason I got my two youngest kids Apple iPods was because I'm hoping they learn everything about them so that when something goes wrong on my iPhone, they can help me. They do...
what is the best kid snack

Kellogg’s Pop Tarts Are Just Fun Breakfast…or Snack!

I don't know how people get up, get dressed, and just leave the house. Don't you miss eating?  Aren't you hungry???? Here's what other say, (Yes, I ask.  I'm a writer. I'm curious) "I don't have time..." "I'm...
underwear ad

Joe Boxer New Christmas Underwear Ad Makes Me Giggle!

I have nothing to add…. [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lZ4qbi6q96w]

Watermelons Make Life Sweet!

End of summer.....who doesn't miss a juicy watermelon? For some reason, these little green things grow huge in some areas. Where most moms would say, "Put that down!"  I say, "Take a photo!!!" And we did!  

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