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When I find something I love, I have to promote it!!  I am not a big shopper because I hate wasting time. I need to know what is the best when I need it.  If something is listed here...please know and trust that I've tried it and it's well worth your $.  Otherwise, it won't be here.  I'm picky and want to remain your trusted product rep.  If you love something and it's not here - send it to me!!  I'm always up for trying anything!

laurie mcdermott review

Discount Haircut Los Angeles | Paul Mitchell School

Bet you didn't know there is a place in Los Angeles that is the cheapest haircut, color and style? Now you do: It's The Paul Mitchell School in the Los Angeles Valley! Yes, yes, yes!  Students at...

Best Shaved Ice in Los Angeles Brian’s

Best Shaved Ice in Los Angeles Brian's  Every since I had Hawaiian Shaved Ice in Hawaii, I've become a Shaved Ice Snob. If it's not light, fluffy and covered with the sugary-milk stuff, I won't touch...

Comedy On The Road…Oregon

Whoever said, "Laughter is THE best medicine." should be knighted...or given some cash. Life is too short not to find the funny in anything...everything.... (okay..sometimes what makes a disaster funny is TIME) But when you laugh, I...
Dollar Shave Club Host Mike is a good seller

DollarShaveClub.com – Our Blades Are F***ing Great AND so is the Video!

I hate spending money on my husband razors so much that I asked him if he could LASER off the hair there! He said, "You do your bikini lines first." Hmm... Okay - fair enough.  But while I...
The Fault in our stars

The Fault in Our Stars Review

Last night I took my 3 little people to the movies.  We all picked different shows to see. I picked what had to be the biggest tear jerker to come along since I weeped my...
Best ant killer

Best Ant Killer Review of Product Terro Ant Killer

Sure you can use Raid.  That works.  But they come back... The guy at Home Depot said this Terro Ant Killer stuff works....cause not only do the ants come from miles and eat it (I...
you are a badass

You Are A Badass Review of Book by Jennifer Sincero

"You Are A Badass" is an fearless book where power is given to you so you feel like you are in control of your life. Feeling unmotivated? Need a life kick in the ass? "You Are A...
Goo Be Gone

Best Glue Sticky Goo Remover EVER!!

I don't have alot of time to clean.  Which is why I hire a cleaning lady that I can't afford twice a month just so I can see my floors. It's at least once a week...
best sheets

Best Bed Sheets For Sleep All Night

The Best Bed Sheets for the perfect All Night Sleep have been found. The Best Sheets Recommended by Travel Writer and Airbnb Host Laurie McDermott. I'm the queen of hospitality - I host several Airbnb locations and...
emotional intelligence

Do You Have Emotional Intelligence? Take The Quiz

Do you have emotional intelligence?  Take the Quiz! My aunt asked, "I'm not good at taking quiz's...what happens if I fail."   I had trouble explaining to her so she understood so I just said, "You...

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