Tuesday, December 18, 2018
Brayden Belden Surfer

Brayden Belden is an Inspiration

He was sitting with his mom and sister when I met him.  He was quiet and calm as he ordered his food and drink.  I thought nothing of him (except that he was a...

Nico Calabria is My Idol

Born without a right hip and leg, his parents didn't give him any slack, insisting he exist like everyone else.   Ha.  He didn't listen... At 17 he's already the first person (child) to reach the...
People are good

People Are Good

There is that quote from the smallest of small...a girl who barely lived...a girl who barely saw good. Anne Frank. She wrote in her diary, "Despite everything, I believe that people are really good at heart." Wow. Brilliant. Just imagine what our world would...

Dr Laura

She's the only human (besides myself) that will boldly tell someone the truth. And often times...it's hilarious. Not because she's a comedian, but because she is so honest, and the radio caller is always so shocked. She's...
Chris super soul sunday

Self Acceptance is the Key to Happiness…Meet Chris

Self Acceptance is the Key to Happiness...Meet Chris...What is missing from his life?  Do you think he is happy or not happy because of it? Teaching a kid to love themselves isn't hard if you...
Laurie McDermott and Stefan Gordy LMFAO

Why I Was Naked When I Met Stefan Gordy From LMFAO

After my massage at Trilogy Spa I wanted tea.  There was a man sitting right next to the tea dispenser busy texting on his IPad.  Next to him was an entire empty, clear booth. Pretending...
Funny Happy Father's Day Video

Happy Father’s Day! Hilarious Funny Video!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=molmCZbpvjg]

Make SuperMoms Your Close Friends

I'm tired just thinking about being a SuperMom.  Take the challenge away. I can't.  I fail.  I lose. It's laughable to think I can't continue a single thought...like this morning....I scrambled eggs, cooked them and then...

Joe Paterno Remembered

To say my husband adored Joe Paterno is a horrid understatement. It's been a sad day as my husband made two announcements: 1) JoPa died this morning... 2) To forever show my respect to him, I'll be...
Laurie McDermott with Flashpants Band

Best 80’s Band – Flashpants

It was a Saturday night. I was just going to get a drink with some buddies and be home by 9pm to hang with my kids, finish some dishes and work on emails (I never...

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