Tuesday, October 24, 2017
Positive or negative thoughts become actions

Feed Your Soul With Good

I forget where or who told me this but it impacted me enough that I wrote it down in my calendar to 'think about it later'. Sadly it made sense to me the first time...
how to solve a problem fast

Three Steps To Solving Any Problem

Problems are annoying. Big, small or medium....they are all a pain in the butt really. But they make us smarter, wise, older. Yet, when you get one, a doozy of one, what do you do? Freeze, cry, melt. There...
best social and emotional learning

Best Anti Bully Social Emotional Learning Program

The Best Anti Bully (Bullying) Program for Social and Emotional Learning is Love4Life. A program from PS I Love You Foundation. Two years Patricia Jones, founder of PS I Love You Foundation, in Redondo Beach,...
How to be #1in sports

How To Motivate A Kid Play Better in Sports

How To Motivate Your Kid to Play Better in Sports? It's my husband's biggest challenge. Not mine.  I didn't play sports and when I play anything now - it's just for fun.  I never wanted to...
how to be unpredictable

How To Be UnPredictable

Predictable is boring. When u make plans for the next day....God laughs. So be different. Do something different.  Quit being mooring and predictable. With your husband:  It's the same thing every day.  The same coffee, the same...
What we need in life

What We Need in Life: 3 Things

If you look at people in Africa, people who live in little huts and people who've left the chaos of society to live simple...we can clearly see that in life, we need very little. However,...
how to motivate yourself

How To Be Motivated Every Day

I've been receiving Simple Reminders.  LOVE this company and what they send every day! Sign up and get TWO reminders in your inbox every day. It's really the only email from a 'company' that I read...
how not to judge

Best Quote on Judging Others

I hear lots of words all day long.  I love words.  They can be twisted, manipulated and carved into great statements. Once in a blue moon I hear words put together perfectly.... This is one...but think...
How to Raise Great Kids

What Kids Need Most

Kids Need 3 things: 1) Unconditional Love.   No matter what they do, or how much they drive us crazy....offer continuous hugs, kisses and words of encouragement. School sucks.  Friends can be cruel.  Yet home is...
Mother teresa quote

Best Quote from Mother Teresa

Who do you want to hang out with when you get to Heaven?  Is it a Dad, Grandpa, that hot guy you were too scared to date in college?  Or is it someone like...Elvis? My...

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