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Advice of the day | The Life Expert! - Part 3
Sunday, February 17, 2019
terrorist scare

Mental Practice For Being Killed By Terrorist

Have you ever had that day dream where you see someone attacking another person and you rush to save them? I haven't. I have had the vision of sitting next to my kid, they start choking...
real men

Where Are The Real Men?

Seeing movies like "The Godfather" and "The Sopranos" make me wonder where all the real Men went? The real men who make bold statements, make hard decisions and lead their families into good choices and...

No Apology to Affair Partner. Ever.

Have you ever been a victim of an affair? Did your spouse tell you the one thing they still had to do was talk to their affair partner and apologize? If your spouse wants to apologize...
ego kills

Leave My Spouse Or Stay?

Today I heard what I hear often, "There is just too much between us.  The only answer is divorce." I say, "Lame." There is always brown ugly stringy roots under nice grass. But no one wants to...
what is important

Why Traveling With Family is More Important Than Sports

This is an argument that comes up often in my home. "NO!  We can't go...we have a game!" "But it's Christmas!" "They scheduled the tournament over the holiday!" Why??? I'm pretty sure this all started from a divorced father...

How To Be Happy…

Good times...bad times...money plenty...money scarce. I've been though it all and when it's good, you save and when it's bad you still save. (I'm a miser) Since things have been bad...we've given up the fun nights out...
what to do with dandelions

What To Do With Dandelions?

I hate weeds. Specially in the grass. They take over the pretty green strands like a jalapeño in ice cream. All weekend long I pulled weeds.  Longing just to see a dandelion! Just like the ones I saw...
Best Loved Quote

Is It Better to Have Loved?

It's better to have loved and lost then to never have loved? Is that the famous quote? I like this one better....
how to help bad behavior

How To Help When a Kid Behaves Badly

There was a kid on my son's baseball team that threw his bat every time he struck out at bat. Fellow team parents thought, "That kid is bad..." His coach kicked him out of a few...
why go to church

Why Go To Church Every Sunday

Child says, "Mom, why do we go to church?  It's so boring." Mom, "Well we are going to go as a family and together we'll be bored." The above is funny...but it's also sad. More and more...

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