Tuesday, October 24, 2017
how to know if it's a suspicious emails

How to Know if it’s Really Amazon and Not Spam

Today I opened my email to find a bill from Amazon.com. Looked real.  Was it?  It even had a line at the bottom asking if I didn't want to get future emails from Amazon to...
A great scarf

Unusual Things To Do With a Cat

   A Cat Scarf.
Laurie McDermott Allergic to Negative people

Debbie Downer Is The New Name of My 15 Year Old Teen Boy

How can you not have fun at a water park? Really???  What is not to love? Slippery slides inducing heart-pounding laughter and amusement?  118 degree weather to make you sweat just standing still that you actually embrace crashing...
Positive or negative thoughts become actions

Feed Your Soul With Good

I forget where or who told me this but it impacted me enough that I wrote it down in my calendar to 'think about it later'. Sadly it made sense to me the first time...

Is It OK for Dad and Mom to Show Affection In Front of Kids?

"If you shy away from showing affection to your spouse when your kids are around, you might be doing them a disservice," says Margaret Heldring, president of the Society for Family Psychology. An affectionate...
symptoms of not wearing sunglasses

Why Kids Should Wear Sunglasses!

Why should kids wear sunglasses?? Because when you take their photo, they'll smile like their Mom.
kid on a rollercoaster

Why to Sneak a Photo

When you get off a ride, if you see a photo they take of you, take a photo of it! I'm sure they aren't happy that you are taking a photo of their photo, but...
how to solve a problem fast

Three Steps To Solving Any Problem

Problems are annoying. Big, small or medium....they are all a pain in the butt really. But they make us smarter, wise, older. Yet, when you get one, a doozy of one, what do you do? Freeze, cry, melt. There...
why go to church

Why Go To Church Every Sunday

Child says, "Mom, why do we go to church?  It's so boring." Mom, "Well we are going to go as a family and together we'll be bored." The above is funny...but it's also sad. More and more...
proud moment

Drinking After 10 PM

I can't do it.  I can't drink that late at night... One reason...I have to get up in the morning. And if I have too much to drink too late at night...I will be so tired...

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