Tuesday, January 23, 2018

How to Ruin Your Backyard

Clear the furniture. Relocate the bunny. Add suds.  
what to do with dandelions

What To Do With Dandelions?

I hate weeds. Specially in the grass. They take over the pretty green strands like a jalapeño in ice cream. All weekend long I pulled weeds.  Longing just to see a dandelion! Just like the ones I saw...
how not to judge

Best Quote on Judging Others

I hear lots of words all day long.  I love words.  They can be twisted, manipulated and carved into great statements. Once in a blue moon I hear words put together perfectly.... This is one...but think...

Good-bye Eating Out

Small bags that had their own bags moved in under my eyes. I begged, "Can we eat out tonight..." The husband said, "Let's make pasta at home...I'll cook." If you are a wife, you know when the...
A great scarf

Unusual Things To Do With a Cat

   A Cat Scarf.
how to know if it's a suspicious emails

How to Know if it’s Really Amazon and Not Spam

Today I opened my email to find a bill from Amazon.com. Looked real.  Was it?  It even had a line at the bottom asking if I didn't want to get future emails from Amazon to...
angry man

Be Nice to Airline Staff….

Always be nice. Always be nice to airline staff. Why? At Anonymous Airlines, a customer was hassling an airline agent at the ticket counter. Not only was the customer was irate, they were also using foul language. Oddly enough, this abused...

How To Appreciate What You Have

I live in an area where everyone "Wants…" I want a bigger house! I want more money! I want more toys! The newest phone!  The best DVD player!  The best computer! When does it end? Do you wake up...
Positive or negative thoughts become actions

Feed Your Soul With Good

I forget where or who told me this but it impacted me enough that I wrote it down in my calendar to 'think about it later'. Sadly it made sense to me the first time...
kid on a rollercoaster

Why to Sneak a Photo

When you get off a ride, if you see a photo they take of you, take a photo of it! I'm sure they aren't happy that you are taking a photo of their photo, but...

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