Thursday, April 18, 2019
how to love yourself

How To Love Yourself

Do you love you?  How do you know? Looking at your daily commitments is one way to measure your self worth.  Are you good at making daily commitments?  More importantly, are you good at keeping them?  ...
Happy face with Grumpy

Best Way to Have a Great Day

How to Have a Great Day: 1) Tell your self the minute (no, second!) you wake up that it's going to be a great day.   If you don't believe won't happen. 2) Ignore grouchy...
what to do with dandelions

What To Do With Dandelions?

I hate weeds. Specially in the grass. They take over the pretty green strands like a jalapeño in ice cream. All weekend long I pulled weeds.  Longing just to see a dandelion! Just like the ones I saw...
real men

Where Are The Real Men?

Seeing movies like "The Godfather" and "The Sopranos" make me wonder where all the real Men went? The real men who make bold statements, make hard decisions and lead their families into good choices and...
why go to church

Why Go To Church Every Sunday

Child says, "Mom, why do we go to church?  It's so boring." Mom, "Well we are going to go as a family and together we'll be bored." The above is funny...but it's also sad. More and more...
proud moment

Drinking After 10 PM

I can't do it.  I can't drink that late at night... One reason...I have to get up in the morning. And if I have too much to drink too late at night...I will be so tired...
tape a kid

Back to School Advice Kids Will Thank You!

Back to School Advice Your Kids Will Thank You for when they are older! Life is short and kids grow up fast.  Documenting them talking about their own life is really cool.  Like their own...

“Travel Advice for Cheap Restaurants!”

  If you know you are going to be traveling to another city for awhile....sign up to get Groupons for that city 2 to 4 months prior!  Then look for Groupons that you'll want to eat or do!  Make...

Is It OK for Dad and Mom to Show Affection In Front of Kids?

"If you shy away from showing affection to your spouse when your kids are around, you might be doing them a disservice," says Margaret Heldring, president of the Society for Family Psychology. An affectionate...
ego kills

Leave My Spouse Or Stay?

Today I heard what I hear often, "There is just too much between us.  The only answer is divorce." I say, "Lame." There is always brown ugly stringy roots under nice grass. But no one wants to...

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