best smile ever

Smiling Heals! It’s been proven!

My husband has diverticulitis.  A nasty disease where you intestines get pockets and certain foods going down the tubes, get stuck...and then infected...and then you curl in a ball till you get antibiotics to...
feeling safe in relationship

Best Relationship Advice #208

When two people are married, they must care about each others’ feelings. They don’t always have to agree, but they must behave in ways that make the relationship feel safe. ahhhh....
how to photo bomb

How To Photo Bomb a Photo

I only do this at the airport.  (Well...I only admit to doing it at the airport!) Photo bombing is hilarious when people don't know you. Why? Chances are they don't even notice you until a few days...
laurie mcdermott

Parents…Find Mantras and Repeat, Repeat, and Repeat!

I'm a recorder.  I have certain things I say to my kids over and over: "Love is plentiful, it isn't a glass of water that overflows...when there's tons of love, the glass just gets bigger!" "Don't...
airbnb best in Los Angeles, LA CA

Best Cheap Place To Stay In Los Angeles Near Beach

I'm biased.  I love the beach.  I also love traveling.  Hence the reason we open our home to other travelers. We have a beautiful 5 bedroom home and rent out two bedrooms through airbnb. So want...
be the change YOU want in the world

You Can Make a Difference

Each of us has the power to change anything: All it takes to make a change is ONE person. One person, trying, and then because of that, another person begins changing for the better. The only...
Laurie mcDermott choices

Successful Life is All About Choices

Right now you can make a choice that will take you in a totally different direction... Make a choice to go to lunch with someone, hear about a new job opportunity, and suddenly you are...
laurie mcdermott

Simple Marriage Advice

A "perfect marriage" is just two imperfect people who refuse to give up on each other. - Dave Willis Amen.
proud moment

Drinking After 10 PM

I can't do it.  I can't drink that late at night... One reason...I have to get up in the morning. And if I have too much to drink too late at night...I will be so tired...

The Real Side Benefit Of Costco

I was in a hurry...setting a goal to grab the 3 items I needed and be in and out of Costco in under 15 mins. Then I saw one... Then another... Then another... Hotties.  Gorgeous men wandering about...

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