Should We Get A Dog?


Should we get a dog?   Yes?  No?  Is it right for me and my family?

cutest puppy cutest puppyWhen answering the question, “Do we make a baby or have one of these…” Ask the bigger question: “If I go away for a week and lock them both in the garage….when I come home, who will be happier to see me?”

Truth is…if you want to want to get a dog take note of the following:  If I get a dog:
1) I will never be able to leave home like on a trip without dog care.
2) Forever I will have to find someone to take care of dog while gone.
3) Providing food and drink for just myself will no longer be an option as I have another dog body to provide for.
4) Poop will have a whole new meaning for me.
5) Walks will and play-time so new dog doesn’t eat furniture and small children will not be options.
6) Expensive vet visits for flea meds, other meds, any meds, check ups and possibly removing a pair of thong underwear from your dog’s instestine may be in your future.
7) Your heart will be stolen.

If you can handle the above – go for it.

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