Best Dresses Ever

I saw the cutest dress on a girl at the airport.  i was saw awestruck at her…not because she was hot…well…maybe she was (??) but her dress was so beyond stunning I actually didn’t notice her face at all.  Yes.  I know. Crazy.  I almost begged her to let me pay her cash for her dress and we could just switch outfits!??

She said no.  Oh well.  Can’t blame me for trying. – Go there. Try it.  WOW.

shop-sophia.comLet me say it again – WOW.

TO NOTE:  this wasn’t the exact dress but it was the color.  And if you ever talk to the people who work at, let them know their models need new sexy shoes in their online photos.  The clunkers they are wearing in most of the photos make the girls whole outfit look frumpy.

It’s just a photo -wear sexy high heels! Even I can wear them for a photo without killing myself!