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disneyland mistake charge
Posted On September 19, 2016 | No Comments on Disneyland Goofy

Disney is perfect.  Or so we are made to believe! Check out this receipt a man got after he bought a frozen banana at a stand at Disneyland. He didn’t notice till after he walked away [...]

hook & plow

“Let’s go to the Hook & Plow…” I hesitated.  Maybe we weren’t going to dinner but to a….well…what was a hook and a plow? Perhaps it was my facial expression that had my friend quickly [...]

kristen c Wank
Posted On September 20, 2016 | No Comments on Kristen C Wank

Imagine asking someone to do something and they DO it. Do you know anyone like that? Are you like that? When someone asks you to do something, are you that person that just does it? [...]

Laurie mcDermott choices

Right now you can make a choice that will take you in a totally different direction… Make a choice to go to lunch with someone, hear about a new job opportunity, and suddenly you are [...]

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