Best Christmas Present For Kids From Ikea

What do your kids want for Christmas? Hmm.... This experiment from Ikea is worth sharing...over and over and over... [youtube]

I’m in Love With Dave Ramsey

Yes I'm married but in love with another man.  Dave Ramsey.  He has been through hell and back learning from his own mistakes with...

How To Say GoodBye To a Girlfriend

This guy is hilarious.  If he was my boyfriend I'd KILL him.  But as a bystander, it's really funny.   Not sure what she...

Amber Alerts On My Phone Make Me Feel….How?

How? Can you answer the title question? I did!  Just this morning my phone blared loudly as if there was an emergency. That my phone was broken...

How to Ruin Your Backyard

Clear the furniture. Relocate the bunny. Add suds.  

Best 80’s Band – Flashpants

It was a Saturday night. I was just going to get a drink with some buddies and be home by 9pm to hang with my...

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