What happens in the Backyard…

What happens in the backyard...stays in the backyard. Unless you're five and your mother carries a camera.

Simple Marriage Advice

A "perfect marriage" is just two imperfect people who refuse to give up on each other. - Dave Willis Amen.

“Daddy’s Halloween Mess”

Dear Children, On Halloween, when you ask your future spouse to dress a five year old in a specific outfit, remind them to not get...

The GREAT Mom, Beth

I am so tired of Moms that freak out when their child wants to be daring. Yes, okay, we won’t keep knives in the...

Family IS Funny

Comedy is my life.  Family.  Life.  That relationship.  Comedy gold. The below video is priceless.  The fact that they are british only makes it funnier. Lesson learned: ...

How To Enter Heaven

When you live a life filled with love... God judges you by wrapping a tape measure around your giant heart.

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